Lovely statue.  We told the 600 Squadron fellows that they could put one up in the trees at the back

Brian Sherwood, Eric Moore and Roy Bowditch (Max Aitken's armourer) and 600 Squadron Officer

Edward Dexter, James Ivers, Scott Rall

James Ivers, Scott Rall, Jeff Pierce, Peter George

The flying sword

James Ivers and Eric Moore

James Ivers and Scott Rall 

Jamie Ivers and Torquil Norman


Mr. Michael Hyett

Tony Oldham and Edward Dexter

Michael Hyett and his wife

Billy Fiske's Bentley

601 Squadron 

Torquil Norman, Air Marshal Ian Macfadyen CB OBE, Mark Norman (with shooting stick)

Air Marshal Ian Macfadyen CB OBE and his lovely wife,  and Jamie Ivers

Scott Rall having a chat

Torquil Norman looks on as AM Macfadyen unveils the Flying Sword

Johnny Wheeler


On Wednesday 13th May 2009 members of the 601 Squadron Old Comrades Association assembled to unveil a memorial sculpture marking both the winding up of the Association and the fifteen years that 601 (County of London) Squadron, (Royal) Auxiliary Air Force spent at Hendon pre-WW2.

The sculpture was designed by Sam Bofey and can be found on the grassed area near the 'Milestones of Flight' entrance.

Tony Oldham and Torquil Norman

Geoff Pierce, Scott Rall, Ted McManus, James Ivers

Chatting around Billy's car