601 Squadron (County of London, Auxiliary Air Force)

Tim Elkington

Wing Commander John Francis Durham Elkington

A few years ago I saw a documentary called 'Billy and the Fighter Boys' about Billy Drake of 1 Squadron and while searching for a copy of this program, I made contact with 'John Elkington' who turned out to be Tim's son (Tim being John Francis Durham Elkington).  Imagine my surprise when a few days later I was emailed by Tim.  It's not every day that a genuine Battle of Britain pilot is trading emails with you.  Subseqnently I discovered that Tim was briefly in 601 Squadron.  He sent along the items on this page, for which I am extremely grateful. 

John Francis Durham Elkington was born in Warwickshire on the 23 of December, 1920.  He entered Cranwell as a Flight Cadet in 1939.  Tim obtained his commission on 14 July, 1940 and joined No. 1 Squadron at Northolt.  He shot down a ME 109 on 15 August, but was himself shot down and wounded on the 16th in Hurricane P3137.  After sick leave to convelesce he was posted to 55 OTU as an instructor.  He joined 601 Squadron in late May of 1941 and stayed with the squadron through July.  Tim then joined 134 Squadron forming at Leconfield and bound for service in Russia.  The squadron embarked on HMS Argus and took off of the carrier for an airfield near Murmansk.  Eventually Tim wound up back in 1 Squadron for a time before being posted to 539 Squadron which were flying Havocs.  Tim then went to 197 Squadron at Drem flying Typhoons.  The squadron left for India in December, 1943.  With varying other service, Tim had a long career in the RAF, not retiring until 1975 with the rank of Wing Commander. 

Tim's logbook pages for sevice in 601 Squadron

Logbook page

Tim in casual pose

Tim and other 601 Squadron-mates

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