The Flying Sword is Everywhere!

When Ned Grosvenor designed 601 Squadron's distinctive flying sword badge, Brian Thynne remarked that the new squadron badge was 'put on everything' - and indeed it was.  Everything from grave markers to matchbooks, the attractive scarlet sword with wings would find its way onto a myriad of objects, and was proudly worn by every member of 601.  They would put it on aircraft in defiance of regulations, and when disbandment loomed would attempt to lessen the squadron coffers by having gold cufflinks with ruby centers made.

The fantastic Squadron silver is illustrated.  There was a legend of Squadron crystal, and for some years we tried to track it down - emailing Lloyd's and checking various insurers and holding companies to see if it had perhaps gone into storage when the squadron was no more.  It was only when other accounts came to light that we realized the crystal had not been put in storage, but rather had all been broken during the wild action of many squadron mess nights.

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601 Squadron