601 Squadron (County of London, Auxiliary Air Force)


Tom Mouslon, former pilot in 601 Squadron and author of the anecdotal history of 601 entitled 'The Flying Sword' has updated his book with a lot more new information and photographs - someing he has wanted to get done for a long time as the old version needed a good update.  Very great news as the book is difficult to find and too often expensive when a copy is located.  The updated book will be entitled 'The Millionaire's Squadron' as they were so deemed due to the number of well-heeled pilots within the Squadron's ranks.    You can reserve your copy today by going to the following link to Amazon:


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Welcome to the 601 Squadron website 

The Auxiliary squadrons of the Royal Air Force were an attempt to provide a ready fighting force if the need did arise; it did.  And 601 was both unique and typical of these Auxiliary squadrons.  Certainly they were unique in the cavalier outlook they brought to the structure of the regular RAF, and in character they are certainly second to none.  The members had to be mostly well off to afford to fly in the first place, and they had to be unique of spirit to want to go ‘into the blue’.  They were typical of the Auxiliary squadrons in that once war was declared; they proved that the idea of a reserve air force was a very good one.

This site is divided into two sections.  The first section is a collection of data that we have amassed on the history of 601 squadron and the unique men who made up the ranks.  The second Section contains information on our 601 Squadron historical re-creation group, dedicated to preserving the memory of those men who served in 601 through historical interpretation.

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